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Most current W-2 employees in the Commonwealth—with limited exemptions—are eligible so long as they meet the financial eligibility requirements set under the unemployment insurance program.

Also eligible are:

· Self-employed individuals who have chosen to opt-in to the state program.

· Contractors who receive a 1099-MISC tax form and whose employer has a workforce that has over 50% of individuals receiving a 1099-MISC form.

· Former employees who have been unemployed for less than 27 weeks.

· Employees of a municipal district, political subdivision, housing authority, regional school district, or regional planning commission, which has chosen to opt-in to the paid family leave program.

The maximum length of Leave is variable dependent on the following circumstances:

· 12 weeks to bond with a

child during the first 12 months after the child’s birth, adoption, or foster care placement.

· 12 weeks to manage any needs that take place immediately after a family member is deployed to a foreign country or is notified of an impending deployment in a foreign country.

· 20 weeks to manage your own serious health condition.

· 26 weeks of family leave to care for a family member who is a current member of the Armed Forces due to an injury or illness that occurred as a result of their service.

As of July 1st, 2021, these benefits will expand to include:

· 12 weeks to care for a family member with a serious health condition.

Benefits are based on the worker’s average weekly wage over their two highest-earning quarters during the previous year. To calculate weekly benefits, the State uses the following formula.

· 80% of the first $715.83 of a worker’s average weekly wage, plus

· 50% of any amount of th

eir average weekly wage over $715.83, up to the state benefit cap

Weekly benefits are currently capped at $850 per week.

For a Financial Eligibility and Expected Benefit Calculator, visit:

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