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Steve's Work

Since being elected in 2014, Steve has been committed to improving the lives of Maldonians by taking community input and transforming it into legislation. 


Learn more about the key issues and legislation he has been working on below.

As a lifelong resident of Malden, Steve understands the diverse issues that equally diverse members of our community face every day. During his terms as a State Representative, he has worked with community organizations and the Malden delegation to support those in need and secure crucial funding for his community.

Steve also believes that his work in the State House should reflect the needs, demands, and concerns of his home community. He and his team have been working to ensure every piece of legislation passed is a step towards a better future – for everyone – in Malden.


As a member of the Progressive Caucus and a State House Democrat, Steve works alongside other like-minded legislators to help the Commonwealth become a more equitable place to live and make sure your voice is heard. This includes playing a supporting role and advocating for other important bills that fall under his office's priority issue areas.  

When a good bill is filed, it needs support and advocacy in order to advance through the State House. Steve believes strong partnerships with his fellow colleagues play a significant part in advancing key pieces of legislation. He and his team will continue to evaluate hundreds of bills and cosponsor those that aim to improve the lives of all residents of the Commonwealth.

Now in his 4th term as a State Representative, Steve has almost a decade of experience working in the legislature. At the beginning of every new session, he and his team evaluates the progress from the year before and starts to work on filing bills for the year - both new and existing.

While some bills deal with local issues in Malden, many of the bills also aim to improve the wellbeing and lives of residents across the Commonwealth. Learn more about all the bills filed in the past year!

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