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Linden & Town Line Brook Flooding Resources

Since late 2021, my office has received dozens of calls from residents about severe flooding along Delta Terrace and other residents living in neighborhoods near other storm drain structures.

My office is actively pursuing different options to address the root causes of this neighborhood flooding issue. You can find our progress reports, letters of concern, and additional resources below.


Recent Updates

Progress & Summary Reports

Town Line/Linden Brook Flooding Updates

(Updated on January 10, 2024)

This Powerpoint shows the most recent updates on the flooding issues including the current status of the culverts, tide gates' maintenance. This also includes instructions on how to file a claim with the Attorney General's office for property damage.

Malden Flooding Report

(Updated on October 13, 2021)

This is the original report from my office outlining the problems regarding flooding in Malden. Maps, photos, and additional information are included. 

One Year Progress Report

(Updated on June 29, 2023)

This report includes all progress made in the first year of the Working Group's convening. A detailed timeline, maps, and photos are included.

Useful Links

Malden Storm Drain Maps, Updated May 2023 (DropBox)​


Attorney General’s Website for Claims against the Commonwealth (Link)​


DCR Website for Property Damage or Personal Injury Claim Procedures (Link)​

Facts & Figures

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