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Annual State Budget

Every April, the Massachusetts House of Representatives begins planning the upcoming fiscal year's budget. Steve and his team file amendments based on key issue areas from the Malden community as well as the yearly priorities set forth by the House Progressive Caucus. 

Total of Malden Earmarks (By Fiscal Year)

FY'2016: $435,000

FY'2017: $350,000

FY'2018: $350,000

FY'2019: $325,000

FY'2020: $400,000

FY'2021: $325,000

FY'2022: $500,000

FY'2023: $1,835,000

FY'2024: $885,000

Year by Year Breakdown

Malden issues remain a priority every fiscal year and our office work with the City and local organizations and agencies to ensure investments are made into our community.

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