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Issues & Priorities



Healthcare is a basic right and not a luxury. Everyone across the Commonwealth should have adequate access to basic healthcare.

Steve supports expanding access for working families, seniors, and those that need help the most while ensuring equal access to healthcare for all.

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Economic Development

Expanding access to resources for small businesses ensures that opportunities reach all corners of the Commonwealth. 

Steve has been a supporter of Malden's local economy for decades and continue to advocate for grants and economic initiatives to ensuring equal access to resources and opportunities for small businesses.

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Our schools represent our future and it is vital to invest in our public school system.

Steve strongly believes we must continue to invest in our educators and students to guarantee that everyone has access to a great education and equal opportunities in the future.

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Social Justice

Communities of color have experienced countless injustices and are often deprived of opportunities that are afforded to their peers.

Every person in our Commonwealth has the right to the same opportunities, resources, and assistance. Steve believes that the only way forward is to ensure that low-income communities, immigrants and people of color no longer disproportionately face barriers and being denied opportunities in MA.

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