RMV Updates

The Massachusetts RMV has extended their promotion to waive the $25 REAL ID upgrade fee for people who renew their license or Massachusetts ID online until the end of the Commonwealth's State of Emergency! Over 70,000 people have renewed their licenses and IDs online at Mass.Gov/RMV so far, and now even more folks will have access to the opportunity to save on the $25 upgrade fee.

You can renew your license up to 1 year in advance, or up to 2 years after its expiration date to take advantage of the free upgrade. Fee-waived REAL ID upgrades through the promotion will be available starting 6 months after the State of Emergency ends.

The RMV has also announced that they will now accept 6 additional hours of supervised driving with a parent, guardian or adult over 21 with a valid license, for a total of 46 hours supervised driving, in lieu of the 6-hour requirement for observing another student driver. This will allow folks of all ages learning to drive to avoid unnecessary contact with people outside their family in the confined space of cars, and help us to reduce the spread of COVID in our community. Finally, RMV has extended certain expiring licenses and IDs as follows: - Driver’s licenses and ID cards that expired or were set to expire in March, April, and May 2020 have been extended until September 2020. - Driver’s licenses and ID cards that expired or were set to expire in June have been extended until October 2020. - Driver’s licenses and ID cards that expired or were set to expire in Julyhave been extended until November 2020. - Driver’s licenses and ID cards that will expire in August have been extended until December 2020.


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