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RMV Update

The RMV has again extended it's free REAL ID upgrade promotion to folks who renew their license and upgrade to a REAL ID online!

While you will still have to pay the fee to renew your license through this promotion, you won't have to pay the $25 REAL ID upgrade fee if you renew online. Go to Mass.Gov/RMV to renew, and see below for more details!


Customers should take the following steps to determine their online renewal eligibility and qualify for this offer:

● Visit Mass.Gov/RMV, login to their “myRMV” account , and find out if they are permitted to renew online.

● Renew online – their new standard license or ID card will be sent via U.S. mail.

● The cost for renewing a driver’s license is $50. The cost for renewing an ID card is $25.These costs are the same for both a standard or REAL ID license or ID card. The cost for upgrading or amending a license or ID card outside of their renewal cycle is $25, which will be waived for participating, eligible RMV customers.

● Customers who renew online will have to wait until at least six (6) months after Massachusetts’ State of Emergency is lifted to make an appointment for a REAL ID and have their $25 upgrade / amendment fee waived. Anyone who holds a valid U.S. passport or other federally-compliant form of identification may never need an RMV-issued REAL ID.

● As a service to its members, AAA continues to issue REAL ID credentials for their members only and members should make an appointment before visiting a AAA location.

● Limited in-person license renewal reservation appointments are available in RMV Service Centers for customers. The RMV asks that those who can renew online please do so, especially if their license or ID currently benefits from an extension, thus preserving these appointments for those individuals with credentials expiring in September 2020 who cannot renew online.

While the RMV has previously announced the below automatic extensions to certain expiring licenses and ID cards, all eligible customers are encouraged to take advantage of this offer by renewing online up to one year prior to their expiration date:

● Driver’s licenses and ID cards that expired or were set to expire in March, April, and May 2020 have been extended until September 2020.

● Driver’s licenses and ID cards that expired or were set to expire in June have been extended until October 2020.

● Driver’s licenses and ID cards that expired or were set to expire in July have been extended until November 2020.

● Driver’s licenses and ID cards that will expire in August have been extended until December 2020.

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