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FY22 Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Grant Awardees Announced

Malden and surrounding communities will receive over $630,000 to expand childhood behavioral health services.

The Department of Early Education & Care has awarded a total of $2.5 million to communities throughout Massachusetts from the FY22 Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) Grant. The ECMHC Grant will fund a network of services to support the social-emotional development and behavioral health of children in early education and out-of-school time settings.

The services funded through this grant have been specifically designed to provide support and guidance to programs, educators, and families and to help them better address the developmental, social and emotional, and behavioral challenges of young children. The grantees will provide services including direct consultation, referrals, coordination with community-based services and interventions to address child behavioral challenges; promote children’s well-being; and reduce suspension and expulsion in schools.

This year, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) will be receiving over $630,000 in funding from this grant to expand the capacity of their early childhood behavioral health services in Malden. The increased program capacity will give us the ability to foster healthy development for young children and help reduce the suspension and expulsion rate in early education and care settings. By expanding the network of early care and education programs and services in the community while supporting early childhood mental health clinicians, the grant will promote school success of children.

Congratulations to MSPCC and I am very pleased and excited to know that we can continue to provide important services for Malden families.

For more details about the ECMHC Grant, please follow this link.

To learn more about the work of MSPCC, you may reach their website here.

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