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Thanking Local Businesses

Today, I want to give an enormous shout-out and thank you to these 8 businesses and organizations who have opened or reopened their doors in Malden during these past few months. Running a businesses or organization is never easy, but these folks have pushed through unprecedented circumstances to serve our community, and bring us some of the light we need during these tough times.

While I’m sad I wasn’t able to get an invitation to these ribbon cuttings over the past few months because of COVID restrictions, I’m thankful to Mayor Christenson for going above and beyond to remain vigilant and keep our community safe. However, as the State Representative for these businesses and organizations, I wanted to find a way to honor their service, and offer my support during these difficult times. To stay as COVID-safe as possible, I’ll be mailing each of these businesses and organizations a citation for their hard work in the coming days. I also want to encourage everyone who reads this post to pick at least one business or organization from the list below to support in the coming week:

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